Documentary sull'alienazione parentale "The invented death"

Parental Alienation - This quote is a great way to spark curiosity and ignorance. The case is easily explained and it's becoming more common. Parental Alienation occurs when a dispute arises over custody of a child during a separation. "The child's uncontrollable guilt stems from the realization that he is an unconscious accomplice to a great injustice.

Screenplay and Direction Alan Minas
Caraminhola Productions

Parental Alienation This quote shows that the subject is a source of curiosity and ignorance for many. The case is easily explained and it's becoming more common. Parental Alienation refers to a disorder that occurs when there are disputes about the custody of a child during a separation.

Caraminhola Producoes Artisticas of Alan Minas, Daniela Vitorino present a documentary called A Morte Inventada to help overcome the ignorance surrounding Parental Alienation. The production company hopes to raise awareness about this increasingly common practice by bringing to the public's attention the topic among psychologists, judges and prosecutors as well as lawyers, social workers, lawyers, pedagogues, and attorneys. Separation occurs in families who, for whatever reason, decide to part ways. Parental Alienation is evident in the current case involving Sean, an American boy. The dispute is now being brought to the political stage.

A Morte Inventada's film will be released at Caixa Cultural Cinema in Rio de Janeiro on April 1, by invitation only. The producer chose April Fools Day strategically. Daniela Vitorino explains that this gives the film a stronger connotation, as it associates cases of parental alienation and lies designed to distort a victim's mind. The film will be released in Rio de Janeiro's commercial circuit at the end of April. At the beginning of May, it will be available for rental at rental companies and in main sector stores.

"So I began to search for truth at a certain point, it was when i went after what had actually happened, all the stories she told me. What was the truth about that? It was then that I realized that everything was a lie. My mother had lied to me about everything I had experienced in childhood and adolescence.

Karla Mendes, victim of parental alienation by her mother

Parental Alienation can be described as the act of a parent attempting to move away from their child or son, and distorting their thoughts.

It manifests itself in the "brainwashing" of the child through a distorted smear campaign. This causes the child to become a part of the symbiotic relationship with the false memory implantation, even encouraging the breakup of the bond. This violence can cause serious problems for thousands of people.

Since 2004, Caraminhola Producoes Artisticas is active in the cultural market by participating in TV and film productions. The Parental Alienation picture has attracted around 100k viewers to open and cable TV and 120k viewers to DVD. These viewers include exhibitions at universities and congresses. Direct and indirect sales are also available.

The film shows the drama of parents who were separated from their children by poor marital arrangements, known as Parental Alienation. Parents speak out about their feelings after years of separation and distance from their children. These children who were subject to this kind of abuse as children reveal how PA impacted their development, their relationships with others, and most importantly, their relationship with their alienated parent. This film features social workers, psychologists, and law professionals, who discuss the issues and offer solutions.


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